Monday, September 24, 2007

This is What's Up


David and I have decided to start the adoption process. What?! Does this mean we're adults? I wanted to document the process somehow and figured this was as good a way to do it as any. Since we'll be two dads in a world full of mom/dad combos, there will undoubtedly be some obstacles to overcome. My goal for this blog is to show all the ups and downs no matter how painful or joyous. Maybe it will be interesting reading for some, maybe it will be more like "Bulgy The Bore", but really it will be for us to remember what we went through when we decided to start our family.


Anonymous said...

Wow! This is fantastic news! We've had such a wonderful experience with open, domestic adoption. Now we can't imagine life without Aiden.

And I think I told you guys at the Ratatouille wrap party that we learned in oreintations that some birthmothers prefer gay male couples so that they can be the main woman in the child's life. So many new things you never would have considered come up in this process.

Good luck-- we're sending good thoughts your way

Mary & Doug

David J said...

yee haw! that's us. stay tuned for the ride folks.

Anonymous said...

As your aunt, I am so pleased to see your blog. I will
be watching closely. Hope you have a smooth and a joyous process. I am very moved to see two hands making a shape of love. Your adopted child will be very fortunate to have you as parents. Your cousin's children would love to welcome and play with her/he.
Now your Mom will have reason to get some gifts for your children when she goes travelling.

Your loving aunt