Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I don't know what this is:

Anyway, life is flying by fast. While waiting for our final social worker visit, the family is settling into a pretty reliable routine. Gus is sleeping on average 10 hours a night and it's getting easier for us to predict his moods.We've started him on solids and he's taking to it pretty well! It's so funny that every time we offer a spoonful he's shocked but then takes it. I also went to a play date with some other gay dads. It was nice to see dads interacting with their kids. Usually there is a sea of moms (or sea momsters) at any given playground so we got to show how the other half does it. The funny thing was, we didn't talk about being gay at all. We just exchanged tips on parenting!... LIFE!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Suffocatie Holmes

A few weeks ago, Amy asked us if we would be willing to speak at Adoption Connection for their 'Preparing for Adoption' class. This is the same class we took over a year ago. I even have an entry about it here. We were happy to do it because I remember feeling so appreciative of the parents who came to speak back then. Getting to hear real stories of people who have gone through it was encouraging and eye-opening.Last night was the night of the class. They had 2 other sets of speakers with their new babies. One of the other couples happened to be in our Preparing for Adoption class from 2008! The classroom was filled with people at the earliest stages of adoption. Their gazes were fixed upon our babies or, Pots Of Gold, if you will. I think a lot of prospective parents (us included) are fearful of the situations surrounding the birth parents but seeing a thriving happy baby makes you forget about all that. Usually the journey is the destination but in the case of adoption, the destination is the destination.

After relaying our story, we answered a few questions and went home. From their perspective, I'm sure it's hard to imagine the adoption process working but we are here to say it really does and we have a chubby baby to show for it. A baby I might add, that can now flip over onto his stomach but can't quite turn back. So now, when he's asleep, we're awake.