Saturday, December 15, 2007

David's Dialogue

David here, with my 1st attempt at this new-found blogging thing all the kids are raging about. Well indeed it has been an eventful few weeks in and outside of the Page St house. Technically we're done with the home study, what part we can do for now anyway. I had my one-to-one interview with Amy Friday the 14th, and she took a look at our facilities. No red or pink flags, in her words, which is either semaphore speak or her way of saying all seems to be a go! We talked about my experiences, my past (fun fun fun, try it sometime), and our ability to host a little one here. She particularly likes the closet space the tyke is going to be getting in that spare room. Who wouldn't? Junior (he or she) has plenty of room for clothes, books, and whatever else he/she plans to own/wear/read/leave lying around for us to stumble over later. But it's exciting. It'll be a big change and luckily all of you will be counted on to help us bring this new person into the world just right. Feel free to sign up for babysitting, diaper changing, or just swinging by to provide us with some adult banter while we navigate teething, crib shopping, and the delicate art of using baby wipes! It'll be a wild ride, but rewarding. Check back for more good reads later.

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