Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Filling Out

On Monday Amy came by for her third visit. Even though the time is always pleasant and laid back, I usually feel a little bit on edge right before she arrives. It's because she has to write a report on how we're adjusting to parenthood and about how Gus is developing physically, mentally, and emotionally. The lead up to her arrival is a frantic display of tidying up our house, changing into clean clothes, and wiping the drool off of the baby, us, the floor, and the cats.At this visit, she told us we can make an appointment for finalization after June. Finalization means we will go to the courthouse and a judge will deliver a solemn reading about the weightiness of parenthood. Then Gus will get to pick out a stuffed animal from a bin and we will get a new birth certificate with both our names on it as his parents! I can't hardly wait!To qualify for finalization, we have to supply a vast array of forms ranging from Amy's narrative report on us as well as our own report on Gus, birthparent relinquishment papers, adoption expense list, and even a form stating whether or not he has Native American blood. There's no messing around when you're getting a baby! They should make teenagers go through this in order to have a kid.On a personal note, we have begun sleep training Gus. We want this:to become this:

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Unknown said...

Congratulations!!! This is great news. We've just hit a milestone a few weeks ago with the birthmom relinquishment so we kind of inderstand what you're experiencing. - Glenn & Johnny & Tristan