Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Still patiently awaiting news from Adoption Connection to see if they'll take us on as clients. I know they said a couple weeks until we'd be assigned a case worker but it would nice to get this thing rolling!

In semi-adoption news, David and I have decided to start a joint bank account for all things baby. It was easy to get David to agree to this since the Cleveland Indians are steadily trekking towards the World Series. (note to self: when he's happy, he'll say yes to anything)

hmm... might be time to rethink that logo

Why don't we already have a joint account you ask? We currently are not Domestic Partners but we've been solid for a miraculous 6 years. Who needs that paper anyway right? Actually, we're still deciding on the best path to take in cementing our relationship. According to California Law, if we become domestic partners, we can adopt together as a single unit instead of having to each do an individual adoption. Sweet!

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