Monday, October 22, 2007

Next Up, Forms

They got back to us! We received a package in the mail with information on the next step. We have an appointment with our caseworker next week for our first interview.

Apparently our immediate future consists of filling out a bunch of forms. Examples include but are not limited to:

- Child Placement form
- Adoption Expenses form
- Financial Statement
- Personal References
- Medical form
- Employment Verification form
- Criminal Record Statements
- Grievance Procedure form

Forms, shmorms! Sounds like a lot of work but I secretly like filling things out. Plus I gots to keep my eyes on the prize. This weekend we went to our friends' baby's first birthday party. She seduced me with her cuteness.

like this?


Anonymous said...

Hi David and Wendell, Congratulations on getting a case worker assigned. You guys are on your way! The myriad forms are daunting though...maybe ALL prospective parents should at least think about items in those forms before having a kid:-)


Anonymous said...

Great news! The wheel is in motion.

P.S. She often has that effect on people (hee hee)–from the proud mommy of a now 1 year old