Wednesday, November 28, 2007

We Just Talked About Stuff

This morning I had my individual interview with Amy our social worker. To my surprise, I wasn't nervous at all. However, in the middle of the interview, I felt as though someone had stuffed a handful of saltines into my mouth thus removing all saliva and making it difficult to swallow.The interview touched on a myriad of subjects both personal and practical. The personal questions were about my childhood, family life, school years, career choice, dating history... Stuff I don't normally have to speak about. Especially in such depth. As I've said before, It was a little bit like therapy.Then there were practical questions, like how we expect our lives to change after having the baby, our thoughts on discipline, what kind of parents we hope to be. It really made me examine the whole prospect of being a dad and luckily, I didn't feel like running out of the building screaming. In fact, the opposite happened. I left the interview with a sense of calm and serenity

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Anonymous said...

Remember how Alex Williams would always refer to his father (superstar animator/director Richard Williams) as 'Dah-dee'? A little unnerving, wasn't it?
Now I realize that that's what a good parent can induce in their children, 30 years later..