Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Work It

We're diligently working on our paperwork and it's going well so far. The hard one is the expense report. We have to do a budget of everything we spend our money on in a month and see if that number is less than the amount we bring in. We also have to show them employment verification, give a criminal record statement, and get a TB test. This begs the question, how come people who just get pregnant don't have to do all this stuff? I guess that's the way the life cookie crumbles.David has signed us up for some Workshops that are also required. The first one is the Preparing for Domestic Open Adoption workshop. It is a 5 night seminar that will guide us through the process. Topics include:

Resolving infertility
Making the decision to adopt
Special issues in raising adopted children
Understanding adoption from the perspective of adoptive parents, birthparents, and the adult adoptee.

The other required workshop is called Transracial Adoption. That one talks about how to be sensitive to the cultural heritage of a child that is not the same race as us. Since David and I are not the same race, most likely the baby will be of a different ethnic makeup than at least one of us.
Finally, there are several optional workshops that we will probably try to attend... Newborn Care, LGBT Adoptive parenting, Infant CPR, etc. I figure, the more we know, the better off we'll be.

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