Friday, January 18, 2008

Reach Out

Lots to update! Well, not really anything tangible, but we had a lot of information thrown at us yesterday. It was a one-two punch at the ol' adoption center. First we had a meeting with Leah, our outreach coordinator. Followed by the first night of a 5 week Preparing for Adoption Workshop. Eyes were opened, and then glazed over.
Leah laid down the law for what we will need to do to let pregnant moms know we exist. This includes, but is not limited to, editing our birthmother letter, making 20 physical copies of it, linking our website, and telling everyone we know about our adoption plan.After all that's done, she does a whole bunch of magic and then we start the waiting game. She says the average wait time right now is 14 months. And here I thought we'd be welcoming a baby into our home by March. Oh well, that gives us more time to horse around while we still can.

We've actually already written the first draft of our birthmother letter. We showed it to Leah and she suggested (told us) what to change. It's important to get the wording just right as you don't who is going to be reading it. I think that's why many of the letters I've read sound similar. Or at least seemingly watered down. Anywho, I'm pumped to get the letter finished. After that we are to design a profile book which is actually just a couple pages of pictures and the text of our letter laid out in an attractive and easy to follow display. Kind of like a page from US Weekly. The book will be presented to pregnant women whose preferences match our own.
I'll post later about the workshop. It's going to be a doozy.

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