Monday, February 4, 2008

Meconium, YOUconium

That's the name of the baby's first poop. It's dark and sticky. Who knew!? Did you also know you can press below the belly button to 'pop' the umbilical cord stump up like a scabby turkey thermometer? Well, we learned all this and a whole mess of other information last weekend at our 'Infant Care' seminar. 5 hours of do's and don'ts that left us in a daze.Our teacher went over all the basics of taking a newborn home and dealing with its needs for the first few weeks of life. If anyone is thinking of having a baby, or is about to have one, I highly recommend taking a class like this. She showed us a video that had things you'd never want to see, but will soon be a reality in your life with baby on the way. She taught us things ranging from what kind of detergent to use, to interview questions when picking a pediatrician, to techniques for picking up a newborn.I wouldn't say I feel at ease now, but it definitely alleviated some of my worries. At least we now know what kind of pillow to put in Count Suckula's crib (answer: none).

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