Friday, February 8, 2008

More Than Words

Hi everyone! How are things? Thought I'd try a greeting this time since communication is the key to any successful relationship. We learned that and much more last night at our "Preparing for Adoption" workshop. The guest speaker was an adult adoptee who told us her story. She talked about growing up as an adopted person who didn't know her birth parents (closed adoptions were the norm back then) and her journey to find her birth mom. Very very eye opening! I think I was ready to hear the childhood parts of her story since that's in the relative immediate future for us. The thing that caught me unawares was the description of her relationship with her birth mom as an adult. I guess it never dawned on me that adopted kids grow up one day and have lives of their own. Oh how young and naive I was back then (yesterday).Baby's might be cute and cuddly but let's see how cute it is when they're 40 and introducing their own kids to the birth mother. What is that relationship? I suppose it's a relationship that has no label and just is what it is. It will be up to our son or daughter to decide how to handle it and our job as parents to help it navigate through those times as best we can. You can't spell REASSURING without SURI and we all know her future is taken care of.

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