Monday, March 17, 2008

Let's Race

On Saturday, we went to yet another seminar. They are informative but thankfully we only have one more left. A person can do only so much soul searching. Saturday's topic was about adopting transracially. They should really have called it "Being A Responsible Parent In Today's Race Conscious Society Regardless Of What Color Your Kid's Skin Is" or BARPITRCSROWCYKSI.Let's face it, I'm Chinese so if we happen to adopt a white child, it will be a transracial adoption. If we adopt an Asian kid, it will be transracial for David. Our family already is of mixed heritage so hopefully getting a child that is different from either of us wouldn't be too much to deal with. I think the point of the workshop was to examine people's motivations for wanting to adopt outside their race. Are they ready for the identity issues that may arise? Do they have friends of the race they are willing to adopt from? If not, why not? Do they know about the customs and holidays of their child's race? Do they subscribe to Ebony Magazine? During the whole seminar I was thinking in my head that this seems to be a primarily Caucasian concern based on the history of white colonization of other cultures. I thought, this doesn't affect me, I was raised in the super white midwest and I turned out fine. By the end of the day however, I was left with a feeling of urgency and calling to make sure our kid gets the best of our culture as well as whatever culture he or she is born of. Well played Transracial Adoption Seminar... Well played.

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