Thursday, March 20, 2008

Blog Time Fun Time

Here are a couple noteworthy things semi-related to this blog, and our life...

#1.) Our friend Tasha put a mention of this blog in the quietly hilarious comic she does for her company's website. see it here. (look for comic number 27)

#2.) I recently got to work with my friend Anna again. We collaborated once before at Calarts and it is still as fun as it was back then. She does the design and I do the music. Other old friends from Calarts did the animation. Anna makes dolls that she sells to boutique toy stores and this is kind of a commercial for her new doll.

ps. That's David's voice you hear on the song


tasha said...

awesome music for the commercial! thanks for promoting my comic :D

Anonymous said...

Cool music! I can't believe the voice belongs to David, though. The Disbelievers have such a different sound.