Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Droolia Roberts

On the day of our first social worker visit it was raining. I should have known something was going to go awry. I had fed him prior to our scheduled meeting to make sure he would be happy but as soon as Amy arrived, Gus started screaming. He's usually quite calm and content but at that moment, he was crying and crying. Turns out I had to change his diaper because it was "Ethnic Food Night" down there if you know what I mean.
Even after he was changed and clean, he continued to cry inconsolably. We decided to just start the interview despite the wails. Amy was very nice but seemed a little distracted because it was so loud. To her credit, she didn't make me feel like a horrible parent. In fact, she offered a few suggestions to help calm Gus down. Eventually he stopped and the rest of the visit went smoothly. Of all the days!

For those curious, she asked about:

- his height and weight
- how he was eating
- where he sleeps and his schedule
- how we were doing (both individually and as a couple)
- doctor visits

All in all not too bad. David said it's probably good that Gus was crying when she was visiting because it showed her how I handle the baby when he's upset. I'm on the fence about that theory but hey, only 3 more visits to go!

Speaking of being a bad parent, here's a photo series I call, "Things On My Baby's Head"



Burp Cloth-----



Pocahontas Ballpoint Pen

Please don't call Child Protection Services.


burgerlog said...

i'm on the phone right now!

you forgot undies on the head.

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